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Monthly Archives: July 2020


Boy Loses Leg During Tonsillectomy

By Palmer | Lopez |

A Staten Island couple recently settled a lawsuit against a New Jersey hospital after their son’s leg had to be amputated after complications related to tonsil surgery. The family settled the suit for $12.5 million. The boy was 5 years old when the surgery took place. In April of 2015, the boy was scheduled… Read More »

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Judge Rules Against Health Clinic in Medical Records Battle

By Palmer | Lopez |

A federal judge ruled against UF Health Jacksonville recently over a dispute involving a patient’s medical records. It was the second such ruling in recent months. UF Health Jacksonville sued to prevent themselves from being forced to turn over a patient’s medical records after a medical malpractice dispute. The battle stems from a constitutional… Read More »

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Surgeon Burns Down Home in a Bid to Destroy Evidence

By Palmer | Lopez |

A surgeon is being accused of accidentally burning down his own home in an attempt to destroy medical records related to false and fraudulent medical claims. Among some of the saddest trends in medical malpractice news is the rise of doctors filing false claims or ordering unnecessary tests to bilk their patient’s insurance companies… Read More »

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Congress to Tackle Medical Liability During Pandemic

By Palmer | Lopez |

The next coronavirus relief bill is likely to come with some strings attached. Already, lawmakers are hoping to insulate hospitals from malpractice liability during the pandemic. Some of the proposed legislation would also restrict employees from filing lawsuits against employers if they become sick with COVID-19 while on the job. Hospitals are saying that… Read More »

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