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Monthly Archives: June 2021


Plaintiffs Allege Doctor Performed Wrong Brain Surgery Leading To Death

By Palmer | Lopez |

A doctor who is facing a DUI manslaughter charge for a separate incident is also facing allegations that he performed the wrong brain surgery on a patient and this ultimately led to his death. The patient was admitted to the hospital to have a 6 cm tumor removed from his brain. Whatever the doctor… Read More »

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Automatic Door Accidents And Your Legal Rights

By Palmer | Lopez |

It often feels like there are just too many things to worry about these days, but here is one more: automatic doors can malfunction and cause injuries. When that happens, multiple parties could be held liable for the injuries including the proprietor and the company that manufactured or installed the door. In this article,… Read More »

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Delay In Stroke Treatment Results In Lawsuit Against Hospital

By Palmer | Lopez |

Two health care organizations in the Tampa Bay area are facing a lawsuit after a patient’s CT scan gathered dust for six hours while the patient’s condition worsened. For those of you who have ever had a relative suffer a stroke, you likely know that early intervention is linked with the best prognosis. The… Read More »

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