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Monthly Archives: June 2023


Woman Awarded $6.5 Million For Stillborn Baby

By Palmer | Lopez |

Giving birth to a baby that is dead, or stillborn, is every expectant parent’s worst nightmare. As excited parents-to-be, we all expect that our pregnancy, labor, and delivery will go well. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes thing go wrong, tragically causing the baby to suffer a serious injury or even death…. Read More »

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Plastic Surgery Medical Malpractice

By Palmer | Lopez |

While many people are, understandably, scared of surgery, some choose to go under the knife in the name of looking good. They may want to get rid of excess fat and wrinkles as they get older; or maybe they want a face that defies age. Some common plastic surgery procedures include breast augmentations, nose… Read More »

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Preventing Slips And Falls In The Summer

By Palmer | Lopez |

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, people tend to begin spending more time outdoors. This, in turn, can lead to an increase in the occurrence of slip and fall incidents during the summer months. There are many things that can cause slips and falls in the summer. Poor footwear is a common issue. People… Read More »

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