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Category Archives: Medication Error


Medication Errors Can Take Lives

By Palmer | Lopez |

A type of medication error occurs when a pharmacist fills the prescription incorrectly, either by putting the wrong pills in the bottle, or by putting a heftier dose than the doctor prescribed. Such was the case with one Wisconsin woman who died as a result of a medication error. Her doctor had prescribed her… Read More »

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Not All Mishaps Are Malpractice

By Palmer | Lopez |

As much as the science of medicine has advanced, and as many previously fatal diseases are now curable, not all visits to a doctor or hospital can end with the patient making a full recovery. When patients sustain preventable injuries or their conditions worsen because of negligence or errors on the part of doctors… Read More »

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Improper Prescribing of Neurological Drug Nuedexta Is Widespread in Nursing Homes

By Palmer | Lopez |

Patients in nursing homes especially are vulnerable to medication errors and other types of medical malpractice. Florida law clearly sets a standard of care for nursing homes, but many nursing homes, because of understaffing, are unable to meet those standards adequately. One of the most common ways in which nursing homes fail to act… Read More »

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