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Couple Sues Tampa Electric After House Fire


A Lithia couple has filed a lawsuit against Tampa Electric Co. after they claim that an arcing powerline struck their home and caused severe damage. This has become a major problem for Florida residents across the state who claim that the power lines are unreasonably dangerous due to overgrown vegetation. While this is one example of property damage being caused by the powerlines, personal injury suits have also been filed after electrocution accidents.

While wood and trees are not great conductors of electricity, if you get enough volts flowing through them, they will conduct. This means that if you touch a branch that is touching an exposed powerline, you can be electrocuted and suffer serious injury or even death. In this case, the powerline began shooting electricity through the air, a process known as arcing, after the overcurrent protection stopped working properly. The arcing essentially destroyed the family’s home.

Homeowner says she was electrocuted 

According to the plaintiff, she felt the electricity going through her body just before her home caught fire. The plaintiff reported feeling tingling in her feet and hands as well as numbness which has not been fully resolved since the incident. She also says that she has nightmares and PTSD.

Arcing lawsuits generally allege that the powerlines became defective over time. Arcing can occur when vegetation, weather events, or animals disrupt the powerlines.

Florida lawsuits and power companies 

Utility companies are tasked with ensuring that their powerlines are safe and multiple Florida power companies have faced lawsuits for failing to do so. In some cases, they have allowed exposed powerlines to interact with trees causing the trees themselves to become electrified. Those who touch branches exposed to naked powerlines are generally electrocuted, suffer extensive injuries, and even die.

While regulatory agencies attempt to keep power companies in line, significant action is typically taken only once the situation has gotten out of control. We are at that point right now with one Florida-based power company facing more wrongful death lawsuits than any of the others. These wrongful death lawsuits are related to exposed powerlines touching trees. An unsuspecting person touches the electrified tree and gets electrocuted. In one case, a man was electrocuted after the power company knew of 9 powerlines interacting with trees in the same neighborhood.

Lawsuits against power companies allege that they breached their contract with the government and failed to provide safe electrical services to neighborhoods.

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