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Dwayne Haskins Estate Reaches Settlement with Dump Truck Driver, Company


The estate of Dwayne Haskins, former Redskins quarterback, has reached a settlement with the driver, owner, and a broker of the dump truck that struck and killed him. The wrongful death lawsuit was filed by Haskins’s widow.

The lawsuit alleged that the dump truck driver was speeding, driving recklessly, and had a cargo load in excess of the maximum capacity for the vehicle. Haskins was playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers at the time of the accident and was headed back to Pittsburgh after working out with his teammates when the tragic event occurred. He was struck by the dump truck while walking on the highway in Fort Lauderdale. While the case may have been settled against the dump truck driver and his company, the case remains open against various other parties.

Haskins was legally drunk at the time of the accident. A medical examiner also found traces of ketamine in his system. His widow claims that he was drugged and the target of a blackmail and robbery conspiracy. The suit names numerous other parties involved in the alleged blackmail and robbery conspiracy.

Analyzing the lawsuit 

Liability in many lawsuits is not black and white or all or nothing. In many cases, liability is split between the plaintiff and the defendant or multiple defendants. When the lawsuit was filed, Florida was operating under comparative negligence. That means that a plaintiff could file a lawsuit even if they were mostly at fault for their injuries. Today, Florida operates under a different system known as contributory negligence. Under the current system, a plaintiff cannot recover anything in a lawsuit if they are more than 50% responsible for their own injuries.

The dump truck company likely argued that Haskins was drunk and on drugs which contributed to his injuries. However, they could not avoid liability entirely. Haskins’ personal injury attorney alleged that the dump truck driver was speeding at the time of the accident. They also alleged that the dump truck’s cargo exceeded the weight limit for the truck. That would cause the truck to respond more slowly to braking.

It remains unclear whether or not the lawsuits against the other named defendants will result in a settlement, go to trial, or otherwise be resolved in the plaintiff’s favor. However, the dump truck company has offered an undisclosed settlement to Haskins’s widow.

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