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Woman Awarded $6.5 Million For Stillborn Baby


Giving birth to a baby that is dead, or stillborn, is every expectant parent’s worst nightmare. As excited parents-to-be, we all expect that our pregnancy, labor, and delivery will go well. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes thing go wrong, tragically causing the baby to suffer a serious injury or even death.

Sadly, this was what happened in Connecticut in 2016. During an attempted vaginal delivery at 37 weeks, the baby became stuck inside the woman’s womb and died. The woman alleged that the hospital’s delay and negligence was the cause of the baby’s passing.

The woman filed the case in court in 2018. In April 2023, the mother, a 37-year-old woman, received a total of $6.5 million: $5 million for medical malpractice and $1.5 million for wrongful death. She received the money from Yale University due to the negligence of doctors at Yale New Haven Hospital.

The woman was admitted to the hospital after her unborn baby was diagnosed with abdominal ascites, or fluid in the belly. The hospital proceeded to induce labor to speed things along and deliver the baby vaginally. However, the labor did not progress as much as hoped, so the hospital scheduled a C-section for two days later.

Instead, the induction process was restarted for reasons that are still unclear. However, the hospital was having a difficult time getting a medical team together the evening before Father’s Day.

As the baby was being delivered vaginally, his shoulders became stuck in the birth canal. While medical staff tried to free the baby, he remained stuck in the birth canal and could not be delivered. Sadly, the baby suffered a lack of oxygen, torn umbilical cord, and broken neck, causing him to die in the birth canal. The baby was stuck in the birth canal for some time until doctors could perform a special procedure to deliver the deceased baby.

According to the woman’s lawyer, the hospital’s plan was flawed. Given the baby’s abdominal swelling, there should have been some type of intervention or a scheduled delivery via C-section to prevent the baby from getting stuck and suffering from shoulder and abdominal dystocia.

There was also excessive change in staff rotation, which led to communication failures, so it was hard to tell who was actually in charge of the woman’s care. Even still, had the doctors acted appropriately, the would have had plenty of time to make a decision about a possible C-section.

The woman’s lawyer was surprised by the wrongful death verdict, given that the baby died inside the birth canal and was never born alive. Still, while the woman received a large sum of money for the medical malpractice, she suffered greatly from the loss. This was likely her only child and to this day, she keeps his memory alive.

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Unfortunately, childbirth can be a rough experience for the mother or child. A doctor’s negligence can cause serious injuries or death to all involved.

These cases may be handled as medical malpractice. A Tampa medical malpractice lawyer from Palmer | Lopez can assist you with this type of case. We understand the complexities involved. Schedule a free initial consultation today by calling our office at (813) 506-5651 or filling out the online form.


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