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Brandon Auto Accident Lawyer

Over the last decade, car accidents have been occurring at an increasingly high rate across the U.S. Florida is no exception to this trend and in fact, has one of the highest crash rates in the nation, with the Department of Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV) reporting that 403,626 car accidents occurred in the state in 2018 alone. Alarmingly, these collisions resulted in 236,157 occupant injuries, 19,196 of which proved to be incapacitating.

Although Florida is a no-fault auto insurance state, it is still possible to recover compensation for an accident, whether through an insurer or through the state’s court system, so if you or a loved one were recently injured in a collision, you should contact an experienced Brandon auto accident lawyer who can explain your legal options.

Types of Car Accidents

The severity of a car accident victim’s injuries depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The type of auto accident in question;
  • The speed at which the vehicles were traveling before the collision;
  • The age and general health of the occupants;
  • The size and number of vehicles involved in the accident;
  • Whether the occupants were wearing seat belts; and
  • Whether the vehicles’ airbags deployed properly upon impact.

All of these factors play an important role in the severity of the injuries experienced by a vehicle’s occupant. However, of these factors, the type of car accident in question is one of the most critical in dictating the seriousness of a person’s injury. For instance, multi-car pile-ups are notorious for being one of the most dangerous collisions in which a person can be involved, as motorists are much more likely to suffer injuries consistent with multiple blunt force impacts, including head trauma and internal injuries.

Rear end collisions, on the other hand, are more likely to result in neck injuries like whiplash, while t-bone accidents tend to result in head trauma, shoulder and rib injuries, and hearing loss. Rollover accidents are also dangerous to motorists, as they often leave victims trapped inside their vehicles until emergency responders arrive, while sideswipe accidents rarely result in physical injuries, but can cause serious property damage.

Auto Accident Causes

Car crashes can occur just about anywhere and at anytime, but most involve the negligence of at least one person, such as:

  • Driving while distracted, fatigued, or intoxicated;
  • Speeding, tailgating, or driving aggressively;
  • Violating a traffic law; or
  • Failing to account for poor road or weather conditions.

This is not to say that drivers are the only cause of car accidents. In fact, thousands of accidents occur every year that can be attributed to acts resulting from the negligence of others, including mechanical defects and dangerous road conditions. In these cases, the at-fault manufacturer, distributor, government agency, retail seller, or other entity, could also bear some of the financial responsibility for the collision.

How We Can Help

If you were injured in an accident while driving and suffered a serious injury, please contact a member of our Brandon auto accident law firm at Palmer | Lopez for help with your case. We can be reached at our office by calling 813-506-5651 or via online message.

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