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Category Archives: Birth Injuries


Family Wins $101M Medical Malpractice Verdict in Birth Injury Case

By Palmer | Lopez |

A Chicago jury awarded a family over $100 million after they say nurses allowed their unborn baby to go oxygen-deprived for over 6 hours. Even after the child’s mother told nurses that she could not feel her baby move, the nurses neglected to monitor the child. If proper monitoring occurred, the nursing staff would… Read More »

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Cross Country Healthcare Settles Birth Injury Lawsuit

By Palmer | Lopez |

Boca Raton-based health care clinic, Cross Country Healthcare, recently settled a lawsuit related to a birth injury. The plaintiffs alleged that the negligent care of a nurse resulted in severe brain injuries to the baby. The plaintiffs contended that the nurse used a hand-held heart rate monitor to determine the baby’s heart rate while… Read More »

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Severe Birth Injuries Caused by Out-of-Hospital Birth

By Palmer | Lopez |

Today, many expectant mothers are choosing ‘natural’ forms of delivery over hospitals. Midwife services and out-of-hospital birth centers are becoming an attractive option for couples who believe in natural health and traditional methods of delivery. However, many of these facilities don’t have the on-hand medical technology that a hospital does. When something goes wrong,… Read More »

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Hospitals Blame Mothers for Birth Injuries

By Palmer | Lopez |

Oftentimes during a personal injury lawsuit, a strategy of the defense is to blame the plaintiff for their own injuries. On the one hand, this makes practical sense, but on the other hand, it’s infuriating if you’re a plaintiff. It’s more infuriating still if you’re a new mother whose child has sustained injuries due… Read More »

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