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There are a number of different types of medical malpractice cases, many of which are based on surgical errors, diagnosis mistakes, and prescribing the wrong medications. However, some of the most devastating medical malpractice cases are those that involve birth injuries, or injuries caused by a failure to properly treat an expectant mother or her child. Birth injuries are often permanent and leave children to struggle with disability for the rest of their lives. This can be both emotionally and financially draining for parents, so if your child sustained a birth injury as a result of a healthcare provider’s negligence, you should contact an experienced lawyers who can help you seek compensation for medical bills and nursing assistance.

Defining Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are health problems that a child is born with, but which could have been prevented if a physician or other medical professional had used proper care during a woman’s pregnancy or a child’s delivery. Some of the most common birth injuries include:

  • Cerebral Palsy, which is a group of disorders that affect a child’s ability to move and maintain his or her balance;
  • Brachial plexus, which occurs when a baby’s upper arm is injured during delivery, making it difficult for the child to move certain muscles;
  • Meconium aspiration syndrome, which takes the form of severe breathing problems; and
  • Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn (PPHN), which also results in an inability to breathe.

These types of birth injuries have a number of different causes. For instance, cerebral palsy has been linked to maternal infections, as well as oxygen deprivation during delivery. Brachial plexus injuries, on the other hand, are more likely to be the result of the improper use of birthing assistance tools, while meconium aspiration syndrome is usually caused by fetal distress during delivery. Finally, PPHN is the result of maternal infections or an interruption in fetal circulation caused by the ingestion of dangerous medications during pregnancy.

Negligent Conduct

Some pregnancies are more complicated than others due to the mother’s unique health problems or a genetic disorder. Similarly, some childbirths have unforeseen complications that a doctor could not have prevented. There are, however, things that a physician can do that could have long-term effects on the health of a mother and child, including:

  • Failing to conduct the appropriate tests during pregnancy;
  • Failing to diagnose or treat infections during pregnancy;
  • Prescribing the wrong dosage or type of medication to a woman during her pregnancy;
  • Using improper methods or medical tools when delivering a child;
  • Failing to monitor the mother or child during delivery, including oxygen levels; and
  • Failing to perform an emergency cesarean section if doing so is in the mother or child’s best interests.

All of these negligent acts represent deviations from the applicable guidelines and standards of child delivery and care, meaning that injured parties whose injuries can be linked to this type of conduct can hold the at-fault individuals liable for damages. While this could include a physician, nurses, midwives, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies can also be held legally responsible for birth injuries.

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