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Negligent security claims fall under the larger practice area of premises liability. A negligent security claim arises from injuries you sustained in an attack at a privately-owned business or other property. Examples include being robbed in a parking lot or raped on a school campus. Negligent security claims can happen virtually anywhere, including hotels, apartment complexes, school campuses, shopping centers, parking garages, and more. Many of these incidents could’ve been prevented with property security measures. If you suffered injuries in some type of attack, let a skilled lawyer help.

At Palmer | Lopez, we can help hold these businesses and property owners accountable for your injuries. These individuals and companies have a legal responsibility to ensure they take reasonable safety precautions, such as security guards, adequate lighting, video surveillance cameras, etc. What’s considered appropriate will vary based on the type of business, history of complaints, etc.

Recovering Damages in a St. Petersburg Negligent Security Case

If you are attacked, you likely have medical bills, physical therapy, rehabilitation, medication, etc. Perhaps you missed a few days or weeks of work as well. You may find daily activities are more challenging now, and you’re facing pain for the rest of your life. With personal attacks, there’s also a level of emotional trauma that victims struggle with as well. All these are potentially recoverable damages in a negligent security case.

Proving Liability in a Florida Negligent Security Case

Before you can collect compensation for your damages, you must prove the business, property owner, or another responsible party was liable. When looking at liability, asking yourself some questions can help you determine who is responsible. Some potential questions to answer include:

  • Is this an area with higher crime rates? Was there a security guard present in the parking lot?
  • How was the lighting? Was it adequate in the spot where you were attacked?
  • Do you have any evidence of prior criminal activity in this spot, or is the general vicinity of where this occurred known for high crime?
  • Was there an alarm system installed? What about surveillance cameras?
  • If applicable, did the doors have functioning locks?

By showing there was a dangerous condition present, the owner or other responsible party should’ve known about the hazard and taken steps to correct it. If they knew there was a problem and that led to your injuries, you could have a valid St. Petersburg negligent security case.

Be advised that your compensation could be reduced in some cases. Florida is a comparative negligence state.

Statute of Limitations for Negligent Security in Florida

If you plan to pursue a claim for damages, you need to be aware you only have a limited amount to file a lawsuit. This cut-off date is called the statute of limitations. In Florida, you typically only have four years from the date of injury. If you fail to file a lawsuit in time, the court could throw your claim out. When you have a St. Petersburg negligent security lawyer representing you, we will ensure your case is filed timely.

Contact a Florida Negligent Security Lawyer

If you believe you have a valid negligent security claim in Florida, contact Palmer | Lopez today to schedule an initial consultation. Let us put our skills and experience to work for you and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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