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Category Archives: Nursing Home Abuse


Woman Dies as a Result from Fall at Nursing Home

By Palmer | Lopez |

One of the most frequent causes of nursing home injuries is also a common injury resulting form basic negligence: falls.  When sedentary patients are transferred from a bathtub to a bed or anywhere else, there are procedures put in place to ensure that the process happens safely. Since older folks tend not to have… Read More »

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Home for Disabled Might Lose License amid Horrific Allegations

By Palmer | Lopez |

The Carlton Palms Educational Center has been the subject of official sanctions and oversight ever since a Broward County girl died from an undiagnosed and untreated illness back in 2013. But even as the institution was under investigation, it could not seem to keep its hands clean. Now, the State of Florida is considering… Read More »

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Improper Prescribing of Neurological Drug Nuedexta Is Widespread in Nursing Homes

By Palmer | Lopez |

Patients in nursing homes especially are vulnerable to medication errors and other types of medical malpractice. Florida law clearly sets a standard of care for nursing homes, but many nursing homes, because of understaffing, are unable to meet those standards adequately. One of the most common ways in which nursing homes fail to act… Read More »

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