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Home for Disabled Might Lose License amid Horrific Allegations


The Carlton Palms Educational Center has been the subject of official sanctions and oversight ever since a Broward County girl died from an undiagnosed and untreated illness back in 2013. But even as the institution was under investigation, it could not seem to keep its hands clean. Now, the State of Florida is considering revoking its license amid both allegations and documented evidence of violence.

Among the allegations:

  • A male resident was raped by another male resident who was supposed to be under constant surveillance
  • A nursing home employee witnessed the rape of another resident but did nothing to stop the assault or intervene
  • Staff locked a resident in a bathroom for four hours
  • A staff member scalded a resident with hot liquid
  • Staff members allowed a man to repeatedly bang his head against a wall until he died

The Agency for People with Disabilities has accused the nursing home of fostering, condoning, or looking the other way amid repeated instances of staff-on-patient and patient-on-patient violence. The agency has taken an aggressive stance and is actively seeking to revoke Carlton Palm’s license.

Carlton Palms’ Parent Company is Being Targeted by Officials

The company that owns and runs Carlton Palms, Bellwether Behavioral Health, is also being targeted by the Agency for People with Disabilities among others. Officials have also called for an outside intervention in the oversight and management of other nursing facilities operated by Bellwether. They have recommended that video surveillance be installed in each other their facilities to improve the quality of patient treatment. In addition, the officials are seeking to extensively fine the healthcare company as well as prohibit their nursing facilities from taking on new patients. 

Those who suffer from mental illness are among the most vulnerable people in our society. They can be both violent and have a propensity to be themselves the victim of violence. Facilities like these are supposed to offer those who suffer from severe mental illnesses a place to stabilize themselves while they’re still a danger to themselves and others. This process is supposed to save lives.

Has Someone You Cared About Been the Victim of Nursing Home Abuse? 

If so, they’re entitled to damages. Palmer | Lopez of Tampa, Florida has handled numerous such cases of negligence and staff abuse that resulted in serious injury. Contact us immediately and we’ll begin discussing your case.


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